A young woman in simple, pale garb somewhat akin to temple robes. By all accounts she appears rather unassuming, if more so by choice than anything else. Her pale hair is kept short and curls around her face in loose curls. Below her right eye is a small scar – something suggesting some form of physical altercation with little success Kiran’s part. She is medium built, not particularly muscular, but still with enough strength to show she’s been on her own long enough to survive on her own. Despite the somewhat kind appearance, Kiran’s expressions rarely range beyond a look of suspicious, and unease around others. You get the sense from her that she is still getting used to being out and about with every day citizens.


Kiran lived a relatively simple life in her early childhood. She was the daughter of a craftswoman renown for her artistic pottery, and a city guard. They lived a comfortable life for the most part. Kiran played with other children, enjoyed games and had minor education. As Kiran grew older, things began to change.

The incidents began small – items going missing from around the house, seemingly to fall without any prompts, and Kiran becoming more “imaginative”. She spoke of having ‘imaginary’ friends who would mess around with the things around the house, and seem to cause mischief and grief whenever Kiran broke her word to others.


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